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BLN provides a safe and secure marketplace for clients and caregivers.

Only Verified Members are allowed on our Network.


We aim to be a valuable resource when turning to an online marketplace concerning precious loved ones.

Better Lifestyle Network provides connectivity with vetted help for a variety of tasks to Make Life Easier.

We also provide a FREE Telemedicine Membership for using our service just 20 hours a week. 


Experienced Assistants

We provide you with high-quality care around the clock without breaking the bank.


Tailored Services

We tailor our services to meet your needs and want them to be as unique as you are. 


24/7 Care Enablement

We utilize tech enabled solutions to offer 24/7 access to certified Healthcare Professionals.

Our Services

We believe in providing a safe and secure marketplace for everyone so we interview candidates, check references, and perform professional background checks before anyone is allowed on our network. 

Also included on our platform is an optional secure wallet service to keep you from getting caught up in an undesirable situation when it comes to being scammed out of money.

Additionally, our members can connect to board-certified medical professionals in minutes without having insurance or any additional cost involved and is completely free, just keep our associates busy for a minimum of 20 hrs a week!

Plus we’ll provide HUGE Savings (up to 90% off) on Prescriptions and Lab Work if needed.

Your Healthcare Membership Includes you and your entire household at no additional cost with

No Per Visit Fees. No Co-Pays. No Deductibles.

Concierge Services

Since everyone is often busy with work and their own lives these days. We provide options that work for every situation.


BLN offers a variety of services for everyone from newborns to aging adults. Only vetted care givers are allowed here.

Home Cook

Save money with having meals prepared at your home. We provide affordable solutions to the high cost of fast food.


Telemedicine is the New Doctor’s House Call Available 24/7 where you can connect with board-certified doctors and licensed therapists 24/7 for fast, convenient, hassle-free healthcare.

Medical • Dermatology • Mental Health

Includes: Discounted Prescriptions – Labs and Bloodwork

    • 24/7 Access to Board Certified Medical Professionals
    • Reduce your healthcare costs with our FREE subscription

    • Save up to 90% on Prescriptions and Lab Work
    • Quick access to around-the-clock urgent care from home, work, or anywhere, even while traveling
    • No more unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office

    • The only true subscription-based membership healthcare system

    • No Per Visit Fees. No Co-Pays. No Deductibles.


    Our Processes & Proceedures

    - Include -

    Both Employers and Applicants are Verified

    All Applicants Must Have A Current Background Check

    We Also Interview Candidates and Check References

    We Will Provide the Best Candidates For Your Situation and Area

    In-House Media Center For Content Creation

    Many Safety and Security Features For Our Members

    Get A Free Telemedicine Subscription For A Minimum of 20 Hours Per Week

    Non-Medical Concierge Services Start At $12.50 hour

    Accounting Records

    Live Support

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    Associates, PARTNERS, and Affiliates

    Standard Requirements 

    Ability to pass a Federal, State, and Parish/County Background Check

    Drug Testing (if requested by employer)

    Valid Driver’s License (when applicable)




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