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The BLN Mission is to Provide a Safe & Secure Marketplace for Help with Everyday Life.

The World Has Changed

With crime getting more prevalent by the day, it’s hard to figure out who is a good fit to bring in your world today.

Everyone is pre-screened and caregivers are required to pass an extensive background check before they can provide services on BLN.

So before you go off searching through a bunch of applicants, we’re already on it.

We’ll Find The Right Fit For Your Specific Needs!

Our Core Values

Nanny cams, as well as instant video chat should be available anytime to ensure transparency when paying for someone to look over your loved ones.

Having random strangers running errands, picking up your food along with watching your loved ones is a recipe for disaster these days.

We charge a flat 25% fee for our services that includes putting your funds in a wallet that will be assigned to your BLN account.

 You have the ability to release those funds when the tasks are complete and you are satisfied.

The funds are sent to any email address as long as they are a registered/verified member of our network and have a wallet as well.

Besides interviews, deep background checks on a local, regional, and national level are also included as part of our vetting process!

Vetted Assistance when you need it

Eliminate being held hostage with No Shows and Fake Applicants that are just trying to test you, we’ll provide a small pool of pre-qualified candidates rather than a whole catalog of random applicants that show up in searches. 

BLN is designed to help with time management and eliminate potential hires that don’t want to do a certain type of work in the first place which is so common in today’s environment.

The Goal is Not to Become a Victim

BLN was developed to help all walks of life from infants to the elderly with quality caregivers.

We believe that technology can provide useful tools to eliminate issues that are so common place in our society today!

It’s no secret that most assisted living facilities are bad but the majority of nursing homes are even worse.

Even a decent childcare facility is hard to find in many parts of the USA.

The system is broken and our loved ones are usually neglected to the point that they are treated like circus animals in many facilities.

We provide options that can keep your loved ones out of that kind of environment.

24/7 Telemedicine Account

Free Healthcare Membership

We provide a Free Healthcare Subscription to our Telemedicine program  that will get you connected to a medical profession 24/7.

We’re Making Traditional Doctor Visits Obsolete with No Healthcare Premiums, No Copays and No Deductibles

Healthcare Memberships sometimes called Healthcare MSOs (Management Services Organization) are becoming very popular and it’s easy to see why.

You will connect with a REAL Doctor when and where you want through virtual visits on any device connected to the internet.

Along with HUGE Savings (up to 90%) on Prescriptions and Lab Work!

Your Healthcare Membership Includes you and your entire household at no additional cost with

No Per Visit Fees. No Co-Pays. No Deductibles.

Your membership is completely FREE with only 20 hrs of billing per week.


We believe in providing a safe and secure marketplace for everyone so we interview candidates, check references, and perform professional background checks before anyone is allowed on our network. 

On top of that, we also provide our members with

Free Telemedicine Healthcare Subscription

Time Management Help

Multiple Safety Features



Support you can actually contact

Services are limited in certain areas

Depending on your location, registration can be paused due to the availability of quality caregivers at certain times.

Fill out the required fields and we will get back to you within 48 hours once you submit your registration.

You will be receiving a call from us for verification purposes so please answer or call us back promptly.

Approval on our platform is a privilege that will help with making a Better Lifestyle for you and your loved ones, so take advantage of it.

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A Better Lifestyle Starts Here

Ready to make a positive change in your life?

JOIN The BLN Movement and become a part OF OUR NETWORK.

where you work for yourself, not by yourself.

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The BLN Movement

You No longer have to start from scratch!

Registration Now Open For

Associates, PARTNERS, and Affiliates

Standard Requirements 

Ability to pass a Federal, State, and Parish/County Background Check

Drug Testing (if requested by employer)

Valid Driver’s License (when applicable)




For Telemed Programs


Contact us

A Better Lifestyle is Our Mission


Morgan City, LA 70380

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