If you need an online marketing team without adding to your staff, we provide solutions.

You may even be eligible for our Partner program! 

BLN Partner Network
Our Team of Content Creators will add the WOW Factor to your Brand and our Social Media Admins will FIRE UP your Brand to a Mainstream audience!

Everything you need to be an online powerhouse is right here!

In Today’s World, Online Marketing

has become a Process… 

It All Starts With YOUR CONTENT!

But, are you sending people to a cluttered website or the specific offer that they were interested in to begin with?

Our partner program is where you provide us product for building your Brand.

As Your Network Partner, we’re going to make sure your Brand Flourishes since it’s how we get paid!

  • Eliminate the need of discounting your product or service to get it in the hands of the consumer…We’ll do that for you!
  • Build a larger customer base FASTER
  • Get Your products on Crypto marketplaces

To reach your marketing goals takes special skill sets today, our team stays on top of technology so you don’t have to.

Our program is like hiring a full team of people that are up to speed with technology but, without the headaches and expense.

Plus, you can pick up the phone and connect with us when you need to.

If you don’t grab attention right away, the rest of the path stops.

We make money from marketing your products, results that bring your BRAND EXPOSURE!

First Thing…We need to do is get you some “Media That Grabs Attention

HQ Gifs

Social Video Ads

In an ocean of media and content hitting the consumer daily, knowing how to reach 30-45 year old business owners on the Pacific Coast versus retirees in South Florida can make all the difference when it comes to conversions (a visitor becoming a customer).

We only make money on results that we bring to the table from our efforts, results that bring new customers!

 Gone are the days of Conventional Websites

For many types of products and services, a process is required to get consumers to take action.

Social Media engagement, Ad Retargeting, and email communication are mandatory to get them to move on your products or service.

Startup Cost to build out an E-commerce System depends on several factors:

Keywords (are you selling “weight loss products” or “yo-yo’s”)

Demographics (are you marketing to consumers that make over 50K a year?)

Targeting the Exact Audience (are you marketing to millennials or baby boomers)

As a Partner in our Program…

Campaign development cost is discounted to our partners we take on. what could cost 20K to set up and 5-10K a month to operate, our approved partners only pay money for ad spent. Your product is what makes us money when we sell it with your name on it.

What We Provide

We’ll provide an array of “RICH MEDIA” to increase your Brand Awareness and Redistribute YOUR products for Maximum Exposure.
Redistribution includes 100K+ organic followers on our multiple accounts that include Retweets on 8 Twitter profiles, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook.

Admin Access to your Twitter and Facebook accounts will allow us to post on your behalf (optional but included).

Rich Media Content Creation

We’ll generate attention-grabbing Digital Assets featuring your products to amplify your presence on Social Media.
These HQ Assets include Motion Graphics, Cinemagraphs, Social Video Ads (short HD video clips with subtitles that are effective with/without audio).

We’ll generate up to 15 pieces of RICH MEDIA content specifically for Your Brand every month.

Organic Social Distribution Strategy

Twitter: Daily Posting Monday- Friday (manually) to your Twitter channel and 3rd Rock Crypto and then Retweeted to 8  additional Twitter profiles.

Facebook: You choose the News/Update you want to be promoted to a Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign with Rich Media and we take it from there.

Daily Posting Monday- Friday on your Facebook Page as well as SocialMAX and 3rd Rock Crypto’s Facebook page.

YouTube: Since YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in today’s environment, indexing your existing Corporate Video on YouTube is without question a necessity for bringing your Brand Recognition/Awareness (Indexing Your Corporate Videos on YouTube properly will get your video in the related video section and easily found in search results for your keywords).

Pinterest: Daily Posting Monday- Friday on Pinterest (we’ll generate a Pinterest Board for your Brand that will get you over 7.5K followers instantly).

Linkedin: With over 7300 connections on Linkedin, your Brand is exposed to business people around the world. We’ll deliver your fresh news/updates as needed.

Instagram: Depending on the content you are promoting, we have multiple Instagram accounts that we use to promote specific content. We’ll use relevant hashtags to reach the best audience for your promotion.

Analytics are provided after 60 days of Activity

What you need to do as the operator of your Brand,

Requirements  $2900 a month of free products

25% below wholesale for additional inventory promoting “YOUR BRAND”

Give us a budget to work with for Paid Advertising

Provide media content (product images, reports, etc)

Do what you do best…Produce a GREAT PRODUCT!

Partner Application

This is a form for Experts and Holistic professionals.