20 Power Tips For

The Clean Eating Plan

Tip #1

Bread is not bad for you!

This is a myth perpetuated by a lot of diet plans. Bread is only bad if you have Celiac’s disease or a gluten intolerance.

Tip #2

Neither is milk!

Ditto for milk. This is only bad for people with lactose intolerance, who can’t produce lactase. That doesn’t apply to most people in the West!

Tip #3

Simple carbs release sugar more quickly and lead to weight gain.

These carbs are quickly absorbed into the blood causing a sudden spike in blood sugar and insulin.
Tip #4

But you still need carbs!

But don’t completely avoid carbs! All our food groups play some role in our body.

Tip #5

You can reheat cooked pasta in order to make it more complex!

If you want to enjoy pasta without worrying about the glycemic index, try letting it cool then heating it back up in the microwave!

Tip #6

Organ meats are a fantastic source of nutrition.

They contain tons of amino acids as well as antioxidants and even brain boosting substances!
Tip #7

Your mood and your diet are intimately linked.

When your body absorbs sugar from your blood, it leaves behind a little tryptophan, which then enters the brain and becomes serotonin – the happiness hormone!
Tip #8

1 gram of protein for 1 pound of body weight.

…if you want to build muscle according to science!
Tip #9

Eating more slowly will improve your nutrient absorption.

You’ll break your food down more and thus absorb more goodness. Plus you’ll feel fuller faster!

Tip #10

As will having a pineapple before dinner.

Thanks to an enzyme called ‘bromelain’ which also has many other benefits.
Tip #11

Saturated fats are actually good for you!

They increase HDL cholesterol and not LDL cholesterol!

Tip #12

Getting lots of colors on your plate is a good sign.

This suggests a wide variety of nutrients. Greek salad is a perfect example.

Tip #13

Have some casein before bed to build more muscle.

This is slow release protein that will release steadily throughout the night while you’re in an anabolic state.

Tip #14

Empty calories are the biggest enemy.

This means more calories and more sugar but without any benefits.

Tip #15

You can remove a lot of unnecessary sugar and calories from your diet by eradicated soda drinks.

A glass of Coke contains as much sugar as two Cream Eggs!

Tip #16

You can make bread-less sandwiches.

Use the tops of mushrooms, a cabbage leaf or even a skewer to hold the fillings together!

Tip #17

Often our cravings are linked to nutrient deficiencies.

In extreme cases, this leads to a condition called ‘pica’ that results in people eating hairs, gravel and dirt!

Tip #18

Your diet actually changes your genes and affects your children!

This is through epigenetics or ‘gene expression’. Just one more reason to eat right!

Tip #19

Get a friend to diet with you to make it easier.

Your diet is inextricably linked to your social life. Make that a plus, not a minus!

Tip #20

Share a dessert!

One example of teaming up on your diet is to share a dessert at a restaurant. A social way to cut back the calories!

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