Getting in the Game is One Thing

Having a Marketing Team to Keep You There


Business Solutions Designed For “Today’s Environment”

With the internet playing a major role on how to get a consumer to look your way, the conventional business landscape has changed forever.

In today’s world, most consumers already have an idea what they want or need when they connect with a business, why?  Because the majority have already read a review on Social Media or performed online research.

Let’s face it, most consumers are doing 2 things when they connect with your business today, price shopping or looking for an incentive to take action.

What Does Being A Network Partner Do For You?

We’ll help build your Brand Faster with our Social Media distribution!


Would you rather build a race car from scratch or have one already in the race?

We have the car and a whole pit crew waiting for you!

BLN Provides 3 Networking Opportunities

From a National to Local Community presence, leverage our professional network to build your Brand faster.

Medical Professionals

We provide a platform for doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, holistic wellness experts…

Business Experts

Banking, Insurance, Veteran affairs, photography, and many other areas of expertise is needed to help the consumer


2 Choices, pay for marketing or use your products as payment to build your brand online 


Social Media Marketing Campaigns featuring your products

Landing Pages specifically for generating sales  

We’ll build your brand with social media daily

We get paid on the sales we generate selling your product

Social Media Video/Gif/Image Content Creation weekly

Robust Ad Campaigns (Co-op)

Facebook Retargeting

Eliminate the need of discounting your products and ???

Build a larger customer base FASTER

Keep your Prices in tact, we’ll offer the discounts to get your product in the consumer’s hand!

Get Your Brand Some Recognition Starting Right Now!

Our Top 4 Twitter Profiles





Our Online Marketing Campaigns Generate Leads Utilizing

Sales Pages/Websites

We’ll generate mobile friendly sales pages/websites designed specifically to convert visitors into customers.

HQ Graphics/Images

We live in a Visual World Today, without media that grabs attention, you are wasting your resources.

Video Commercials

Video is a must have in Today’s marketing enviroment, we can produce an affordable video for your campaign.

Social Media

Since 2009, we have been establishing a social media presence that now reaches over 100,000 followers we’ll share your content to.

Targeted Audience

If you’re not reaching the right audience in your campaign, you’re wasting time, energy and most important money.


All the advertising in the world won’t increase sales if you aren’t solving a problem of some kind and have the right call to action.

It’s Very Simple, Really

Solve Problems to a Targeted Audience

Get More Sales

We’re Here To Help You Starting Now!